Fellowship, preaching, and singing that center on the glory of God.

Fellowship, Preaching, and Singing that center on the Glory of God .

AUGUST 1-3, 2019

Deering Center Community Church
4 Brentwood St, Portland, ME 04103

Fellowship Conference
New England

​Aug 1-3, 2019

Deering Center Community Church
4 Brentwood St, Portland, ME 04103

The Fellowship Conference New England is 3 special days of preaching, teaching, and relaxed fellowship for Christians in the New England area.

Biblical preaching and teaching, along with good singing, are combined with quality times of purposeful relaxing fellowship in the afternoons. 
It is a marvelous time to be fed God's Word and strengthened with other true Christians in fellowship through the bonds of Jesus Christ.

Each year we serve a luncheon for pastors, church leaders, and any men who feel called to full time Christian ministry. 

There is also a Ladies Luncheon with a time of fellowship and a teaching time as well.

The speakers who lead our conference are all experienced pastors/conference speakers of many years, who are reformed in their theology, pastoral in their ministries, passionate about the gospel and biblical preaching, and have a real love for people. In their ministry and this conference there is a total Christ-centered focus and emphasis.

There will be a quality book table with some of the finest Christian literature available at discounted prices.

The cost of the conference is:

$25 for a Single 
$30 for a Couple/Couples with child/ren under 5
$40 for Families 

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